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Why Teach With History Day?


The majority of teachers who engage their students in the program are history teachers. However, there are many English, science, drama, and art teachers who have involved their students. Everything has a history, so History Day is applicable to almost any subject area.  History Day is a performance-based academic endeavor that fully supports the California History-Social Science Framework and History/Social Science Content Standards. History Day provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities to apply learned information through authentic assessment in student-outcome products and can easily be integrated into the everyday classroom curriculum.


The History Day Program:




  • Is easily content-adaptable for any subject, grade level requirement.


  • Caters to specific needs and interests of students of all different levels and abilities.


  • Supports high academic standards by including varied methods of participation and interdisciplinary approaches.




  • Helps teachers integrate the study of history with other disciplines, including writing, the arts, and other social sciences.


  • Encourages students to become active and responsible civic minded students as they interact with their community by reaching out to academic historians, librarians, archivists, public historians, and judges at competitions.

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