NHD-CA Online Registration

Student Registration

To register, you’ll complete an online form that you can access by clicking on the
NHD-CA STUDENT Registration button below.


Before you begin - Please Note:


  • A parent/guardian must complete parts of the registration.

  • You will need to know:

    • Name of your School, District, County your school resides in

    • Your History Day Teacher's last name

    • Group Members names - if it is a group entry

    • Website entries will need to know your website URL, WebCentral username and access code (password).

  • Payment:  You will need to:

  1. Make a payment if you (parent/guardian) are covering the registration fee. OR

  2. Enter who is paying for you (name of school, district, county, or other agency).



Cost:  $70 per/student (Virtual Competition special rate)

Students MUST complete registration including paying or entering payment information before the March 26th Deadline to avoid a $25 late fee.

Registration will stay open from March 27th–31st but registrants will be charged an additional $25 fee.


Refund/Cancellation:  No refunds will be issued after April 8th.


To Begin, click on the button below: