NHD-CA Online Registration

Teacher Registration

To register, you’ll complete an online form that you can access by clicking on the NHD-CA TEACHER Registration link below.


Before you begin:


  • All project entries MUST have a teacher associated with the entry.


      Cost:  None


To Begin, click on the link below:

Closes April 1, 2020

Paying for Students

If your school, distirct, county, or any other organization will be paying for students from your school to participate in the NHD-CA contest please use the Agency Payment Form to let us know who the agency will be paying for and to set up a purchase order.


NOTE:  We know that some of you may not be able to generate PO's right now. Please send the form now and follow up by sending the PO when you can.


This form is due to NHD-CA by Wednesday, April 15, 2020


For billing questions contact Jennifer Morones at (916) 228-2217 or email her at:  jmorones@scoe.net