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Historical Paper Preview Instructions

  1. Find the Division (Junior or Senior), Category (Historical Paper), and Heat Number included in the email sent to you. 

  2. Download the corresponding Heat Link PDF: 

    1. Click on the button to download your assigned heat of projects to preview.

    2. Be sure to save the PDF document to your desktop.

    3. Once in the document, click on the link for for each paper. The paper will open and download. If the paper does not open, you can copy and pase the URL into the address bar of your browser.

  3. Download and print the Project Preview Forms. Use these forms to record notes and questions.

  4. Bring the Project Preview Forms with you to the competition. At our judge orientation we will give you official judge score sheets and provide training on how to evaluate and write comments to students. 

Historical Paper - Junior

Historical Paper - Senior

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