Submission Instructions

Deadline:  Thursday, April 8th

11:59 PM (PDT)

Your group or individual performance will be submitted as a MP4 video file. When creating a video for a performance, please follow the criteria below.


Recording Your Performance 

  • The video you submit must be recorded as one take (no editing allowed)​

  • Your performance must conform to all NHD Performance rules

  • Your submission must be 10 minutes or less

  • Your video must only include the performance

    • Do not record setup or removal
      of props

    • Do not address the judges in your recording

  • Your video may be recorded by someone not in your group (a parent, teacher, friend, etc.)

  • You should follow all social distancing guidelines and preventative actions that apply in your county, school


  • You may record your video using online conference platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, etc. You can use any platform.

Submitting Your Performance 


STEP 1  

Save the final version of your performance as a MP4 file. Use the following naming format:

[separate last names by an underscore]





STEP 2  

Prepare your written materials.


  1. Print or export your Title Page, Process Paper, and Annotated Bibliography as PDF files. 

  2. Create one combined PDF of the following items in the order below.

    1. Title Page

    2. Process Paper

    3. Annotated Bibliography

How to Combine Your PDFs

You can use the free software  or to merge your PDFs into one PDF document.


Name your PDF of your written materials using the following naming format:


      [separate last names by a underscore]


Submit your files using the button below