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CA Teacher Recognition

NHD-CA recognizes the dedication and commitment of our teachers who participate in professional development through NHD. From learning about historical argumentation to authoring articles for publication, these educators inspire us with their energy and expertise!

Library of Congress Master Teacher Program (2020)

  • Aditi Doshi

  • Melissa Lawson

Historical Argumentation Webinar Series (Summer 2020)


  • Dianne Bennett

  • Karen Carrillo

  • Matthew Payan

  • Jeremy Ross

  • Julie Tenette

Introduction to Project-Based Learning (Fall 2020)

  • Heather Nonaca

Teaching History Virtually (Fall 2020)

  • Tamoura Garcia

  • Jo Ann Gillespie

  • Jill Hart

  • Erik Peterson


Inspiring Student Research Webinar Series (Fall 2020)

  • Jesse Gillispie

  • Kathrn Nejasamich

  • Peter Schlieker

  • Stacy Nobriga

  • Claudia Ruelas


Historical Argumentation Webinar Series (Spring 2021)

  • Amy Byrd

  • Emerelda Cano

  • Monica Casey

  • Tamoura Garcia

  • Jo Ann Gillespie

  • Deanna Myers

  • Claudia Romero

  • Stephanie Rosenbaum

  • Elysa Schulte

  • Matthew Walsh


Building a More Perfect Union lesson plan authors

  • Erik Peterson

  • Robbie See


Sacrifice for Freedom: World War II in the Pacific
(Summer 2021
delayed from 2020)

  • Laurie Halt (teacher)

  • Arsh Mengi (student)

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