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Standards Skills Related to NHD Skills

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Introducing NHD

History Day Intro Videos

Timelines / Syllabus

Sample Projects

Parent Letters

As an instructional methodology, National History Day meets the highest level of Common Core State Standards in English/Language Arts, specifically outlined as Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Studies

Understanding the Theme

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NHD Theme Sheet

Thinking Like a Historian

NHD Rule Book

  • Textual Evidence

  • Analysis

  • Source Evaluation

  • Language of the Discipline

  • Perspective

Selecting a Research Topic

Curriculum Based Topics

Group vs. Individual 

Connection to Theme

Narrowing a Topic

  • Collaboration

  • Inquiry & Research

  • Analysis

  • Argumentative Writing

  • Developing a Claim

  • Supporting a Claim

  • Counterclaims & Evidence

  • Domain Specific Vocabulary

  • Revision

Conducting NHD Research

Research Plan

Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

Source Analysis

Note Taking

Writing a Thesis Statement

Sample Thesis Statements

Thesis Statement Tricks and Tips

Strength of Argument

  • Research

  • Source Selection

  • Note Taking

  • Sourcing

  • Connecting to Theme

  • Evaluating a Source

Evaluating Evidence

Solidify Your Arguments

Complete Your Research

Balance Your Research

  • Corroborating Evidence

  • Citing Textual Evidence

  • Central Ideas

  • Primary and Secondary Source Relationships

Project Organization

Refine Thesis

Project Organizer

Evidence Organizer

  • Supporting a Claim

  • Connecting to a Theme

  • Informative/Explanatory Text

  • Conclusions

  • Information Analysis

  • Reflection & Revision

Project Production & Presentation

Project Design

Sample Story Boards

Build It

Present It

  • Writing/Presenting a Historical Argument

  • Sorting Evidence 

  • Presentation

  • Collaboration

  • Use Technology

Annotated Bibliography & Process Paper


Style Guides

Primary vs. Secondary

Annotated Bibliography Tips and Tricks

  • Evaluating Sources

  • Organization

  • Formal Writing

  • Conclusion

  • Language of the Discipline

Entry Assessment & Evaluation

Score Sheets

Assessment Tools

  • Reflecting on Learning

  • Revision