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At the state level, students have many choices regarding the type of entry that best fits their personal talents and skills as well as the resources connected with their topic. It’s important to keep in mind that every category will involve a lot of writing and research. Even the performance and documentary categories involve a great deal of planning, research, locating of primary and secondary sources and analysis.


If you like to write, the paper category is a good choice.  Only individuals can compete in this category.


If you like technology, consider the web site category or the documentary category.  Web sites are fun if you like working with the internet and your computer.  Keep in mind that web sites require research that goes beyond the internet to libraries, archives and personal interviews just like any other category.  The documentary category is challenging for competitors who have not worked with editing software.  Look into what software is available at your school or if you will need to find software on your own.


The exhibit category is a great idea if you like design, or if your category has visual elements that you want to show in your topic analysis.


Take some time to explore the different types of projects (listed to the right) you can create for History Day to determine which category type would work best for your topic.


To learn more about NHD-CA rules for entries, click here.


To learn more about developing your own entry, click here.


Choose a topic from the list below and Go!


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