Sample Projects


David E. Pesonen: The Battle for Bodega Head
Senior Division - Individual Exhibit
2015 National Champion
Stacey Olson


From Furman to McClesky, Debating a Broken Death Penalty
Senior Division - Group Documentary
2022 State Runner-up
Sara Flexer, Ariya Kaushek

Historical Papers


Not Quite White: Pioneer Thind Navigates Racism in the Immigration Frontier
Senior Division - Group Performance
2023 State Champion
Supriti Bhopale, Sushant Bhopale


The Munich Massacre: How Failed Diplomacy Fueled the Arab-Isreali Conflict
Elementary Division - Individual Podcast
2022 State Champion
Soren Qualls

Retribution vs. Reform: The Debate Over the Juvenile Justice System
Junior Division - Group Podcast
2022 State Champion
Danni Brasher, Chloe Chun


What's In Your Backyard? Love Canal Launches the Environmental Health Movement
Elementary Division - Individual Poster
2019 State Champion
Cal Faircloth

John Muir: Breaking the Barrier Between Humankind and Nature
Elementary Division - Group Poster
2020 County Champion
Amy Guo, Natalie Chan, Sarah Gomez, Sophie Wang


We recommend viewing websites on a computer. 

Separate but Equal: Brown v. Board of Education and the Desegregation Debate
Senior Division - Group Website
2022 National Finalist
Stuthi Kandula, Adviti Aleti

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