Exhibit Boards

Unlike the typical science fair boards that can be purchased at office supply stores, these exhibit boards have proportional panels and more height. This creates a more balanced display of images, sources and text.

  • 60" overall height (48" exhibit board + 12" title panel)
  • Available in white or black
  • Usually ships in 5 business days

ALL exhibit board orders (individual or multiple) must go through our vendor. To learn more or order History Day exhibit boards, click the button to the right.

Students are NOT required to use these boards. They can also make their own or purchase boards from other vendors.

Thanks for your support!
For every board purchased, the Box Man will donate $1 to NHD-CA.

Advantages of These Boards

Not too big, and not too small

The board was designed to be 4' tall with an optional 12" header board (60" overall height). These boards allow for substantial room, but are not at an overwhelming size for students.

Proportional side panels

The biggest problem with the science fair boards, or other boards, is that they are designed with side panels that fold into the center. These narrow panels inhibit the balance of the exhibit's design. This board has wider side panels that open up to a comfortable width for viewing.

Sturdy construction

The boards are made out of double-wall cardboard that holds up extremely well -- even if they are re-used in future projects.

Choice of colors

The boards were first sold only in white, but there was a big demand for black. Now they are available in both colors -- but many students choose to cover the boards with poster paper or cloth.

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