Make It! Webinar Series

History Day projects require students to use research, analysis, and historical thinking skills. Join us for this free, multi-part webinar series to introduce these skills to students and share tips on how to research and develop History Day projects.

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NHD-CA Theme & Topic

Make It! Webinar #1: Research Questions

Make It! Webinar #2: Primary & Secondary Sources & How to Use Them

Webinar takes place September 28th

Make It! Webinar #3: Crafting Compelling Thesis Statements

Webinar takes place October 18th

Make It! Webinar #4: Deconstructing a Project: Voice, Evidence, Organization

Webinar takes place October 26th

Make It! Webinar #5: How to Show Historical Significance

Webinar takes place November 14th

Make It! Webinar #6: Reviewing the Required Elements of a NHD Project

Webinar takes place November 30th

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